Hoffman “Not Wasting Much Time” At CNBC; “Cabler Tries To Pump Life Into Primetime”

By Brian 

> Huffington Post: A Dennis Miller producer reacts, in real-time, to yesterday’s memo.

> AP: “Miller’s prime-time program, featuring a mixture of comedy, interviews and his conservative political opinion, was seen by an average of 168,000 viewers since its January 2004 launch, according to Nielsen Media Research. That number has dipped to 114,000 this year with the presidential election campaign over.”

> Variety’s subhead: “Cabler tries to pump life into primetime.”

> “While former New Yorker editrix Tina Brown was also shown the door this week, adman Donny Deutsch remains on terra firma at CNBC; his show remains in the 10:00 pm slot,” MediaWeek notes.

> “Mark Hoffman became CNBC president in February, and he’s not wasting much time tightening things up,” Media Life Mag says.

> “CNBC has one feed of its signal for the entire country, meaning Miller’s generally nonbusiness-related banter has aired at 6 p.m. on the West Coast, right at the end of the business day,” the NY Daily News explains.

> “Dennis Miller has something new to rant about,” E! Online says.