Hillary Clinton: ‘Fox Is Peddling These Stories About Me’

By Chris Ariens 

At an event in Chicago last night, where she was pushing her book, What Happened, Hillary Clinton took a swipe at Fox News, saying that the network is covering her so much, “It appears they don’t know I’m not president.”

Meanwhile, over on Fox News, 5 minutes into his show-opening monologue, Sean Hannity mistakenly referred to Hillary as President Clinton.

“This is what matters. These are the facts,” said Hannity, “This is where the evidence comes in. What did Hill– what did President Clinton, ah or, President Clinton-wanna-be, President Obama, and key members of the administration, what did they know about the Uranium One scandal?”

Back in Chicago, as noted by CNN last night, Secretary Clinton said, “All the networks, except Fox, are reporting about what’s going on. And Fox is peddling these stories about me. And I said the other day, ‘You know it they don’t know I’m not president.'” WATCH: