Hillary Clinton Exclusively on CNN (And FNC)

By SteveK 

Sen. Hillary Clinton made news today as she told Fox & Friends host Gretchen Carlson there was “zero” chance she’d join the Supreme Court and “close to zero” she’d ever run for President again.

But Fox & Friends was not the only morning show where the New York senator showed up. She was also on CNN’s American Morning a few minutes later. And the John Roberts interview was called “exclusive.”

Both interviews were taped yesterday afternoon, with Carlson’s taking place first in person and Roberts satellite interview conducted just after. Either way, it certainly wasn’t “exclusive” (of course, the “exclusive” tag gets thrown around often).

During the interview, Clinton complimented FNC for its coverage of her campaign. “There were a lot of times when I appreciated the commentators and reporters on Fox who did step up and make that clear,” she said.

> Update: The first part of Roberts interview with Clinton on CNN aired at 6:12amET, more than an hour before FNC’s.

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