Hey CBSers: Let’s See “The List Of Acceptable Topics” For “freeSpeech”

By Brian 

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NewsBusters has a transcript of Bill Maher‘s remarks on Real Time. Here’s an excerpt:

 “It’s anything but free speech, and this is why I’m bringing it up. I’m not trying to rag on them, but, I mean, if CBS News doesn’t understand what free speech is, what am I supposed to expect of Fox News.

(Some side chatter occurred, with guest Gloria Steinem asking what happened to him.) Well, I asked if I could talk about religion, and that was a deal-breaker right from the beginning. (More side chatter, with Steinem saying ‘Well, that’s ridiculous.’) That’s my point. They said, ‘We’ll send over a list of acceptable topics…for our segment on free speech.'”