Heroic Gerri Willis Ditches Her Wig in ‘Kennedy’ Appearance

By A.J. Katz Comment

Fox Business Network anchor Gerri Willis returned to FBN last fall after winning her battle with breast cancer. She has been sporting a wig on-air while she continues to fully recover from the chemotherapy. Not any longer.

Willis appeared on Kennedy this past Wednesday night to discuss her battle with cancer, and rocked a new spring time haircut (shown above).

“It’s been a real journey. April 28 was the day I was diagnosed…I had a mastectomy of my right breast… I then went into chemo-therapy, eight treatments over four months,” Willis recalled. “The ‘red devil,’ which is the really caustic chemotherapy, then Taxol, then after that I had breast reconstruction and then finally five weeks of daily treatments.”

Se also discussed the rough experience of losing her hair, and urged female viewers to get tested if they think that they might have the disease.

“If you are worried about this … I know a lot of people who stay away from the mammogram for that reason alone… you have to take care of yourself,” Willis said, adding that she is feeling better, “like a new person.”

Willis appeared on Shep Smith‘s Fox News program earlier in the day to plug her prime time appearance on Kennedy. “This is a whole different Gerri Willis, our survivor Gerri Willis, our hero Gerri Willis…,” Smith said.