Hero Florist Recognized Charleston Murder Suspect From Fox News

By Brian Flood 

Debbie Dills, the North Carolina florist who spotted Dylann Roof during the intense manhunt, says she recognized him from watching FNC’s morning show Fox & Friends.

Dills joined Fox & Friends this morning to share her story in which she phoned in the tip that eventually resulted in Roof’s capture.

“I don’t know why I paid closer attention –  I’m calling it divine intervention. I believe God had a plan in it, and I was driving to work and I was running late. I actually looked over and I seen the car and it looked familiar to me and I wondered why — and now, as I look back over, it’s because of pictures that I seen on the news,” Dills said.

Dills also says Roof, “wasn’t doing anything out of the ordinary. He looked just like a very young man.”

Dills followed the suspect to ensure that it was actually him.

“I called my boss and he said we need to call somebody. He got on the phone with the Kings Mountain police and he stayed on the phone with me. He told me to get back on 74 bypass and that’s what I did and I was able to catch up with him and get right behind him and get his tag number,” Dills said. “The Kings Mountain police and the Shelby city police caught him in a matter of minutes and it was him.”

Check out the full interview below: