Here’s Where Couric Is #1

By Brian 

Yesterday, The Drudge Report touted a “CBS COURIC NIGHTMARE,” writing that the Wednesday edition of the CBS Evening News came in third place in the top seven markets across the country.

But the item failed to note that CBS has always been stronger in smaller markets, and that ABC usually does quite well in larger markets because of an Oprah lead-in. Should we be blaming Couric for her ratings performance, or should we be looking at her lead-ins?

Season-to-date, CBS is #1 locally in the following markets: Houston, Minneapolis, Pittsburgh, San Diego, Hartford, Raleigh, Salt Lake City, Buffalo, Dayton, and Tulsa.

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Chicago, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Tampa, Seattle, Denver, Orlando, Sacramento, St. Louis, Baltimore, Indianapolis, Charlotte, Nashville, Kansas City, Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, San Antonio, West Palm Beach, Birmingham, Las Vegas, Memphis, Albuquerque, Greensboro, Jacksonville, Providence, Ft. Myers…

> Update: 1:22pm: “So if it’s all about the lead in, well what about the lead ins to the lead ins, or the lead ins to the lead ins to the lead ins? I apologize for the sarcasm, but this is an old excuse for CBS,” an e-mailer responds. “When Leno started dominating Letterman, people kept pointing to the “weak” lead ins for Dave. With regard to her No. 1 status in Raleigh, Tulsa and Dayton, I don’t think CBS had such milestones in mind when they threw $15 million her way. It would actually be interesting to see how Today with Couric did in those cities and if the CBS numbers jumped there when she came on board…”