Here’s Bill O’Reilly’s First Minute on Fox News, 19 Years Ago Today

By Chris Ariens 

Today, Oct. 7, marks 19 years since Fox News Channel went on the air. Beyond the ratings–FNC has been the No. 1 newschannel for 13 years—or viewer growth—up +4,657 percent since launch—is the longevity of some of the network’s top talent.

Eleven anchors and reporters have been with the channel since day one, including Sean Hannity, Bill O’Reilly, Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto, Alan Colmes, Trace Gallagher, Jon Scott, Carl Cameron, Lauren Green, Eric Shawn and Uma Pemmaraju. Three others—Brit Hume, Steve Doocy and Catherine Herridge—joined a few weeks in.

Let’s jump in the way back machine, now, for a look at Bill O’Reilly‘s first night on Fox News, when his show was not yet a “Factor,” but still had that trademark bravado.

Here’s a look at three of the 1996 originals: Shepard Smith, Neil Cavuto and Sean Hannity.