Here Comes the Royal Wedding Coverage: Brian Williams & Prince Charles, ‘Nightline,’ ‘Dateline’ Specials

By Chris Ariens 

Not long after Buckingham Palace confirmed there would be a royal wedding next year of Prince William and his fiancee Kate Middleton, the news networks went in to high gear with Royal coverage.

The three network morning shows lead with the news in their cold opens; all three dubbing it “breaking news.” CBS tells us that Erica Hill is getting on a flight tonight for London where she will anchor a split version of “The Early Show” tomorrow. “Today” show’s Natalie Morales and “Good Morning America”‘s Bianna Golodryga are also heading over tonight and will be in place for their shows tomorrow morning.

NBC’s Brian Williams interviewed Prince Charles for a Dateline special called “The Man Who Will Be King” airing this Friday at 9pm. Williams’ interview runs before the Prince’s own “Harmony” documentary about climate change, airing Friday at 10pm. NBC tells us Williams’s interview was not in exchange for airing the Prince’s doc, but rather the network only recently decided to pair the two hours together.

About the pending nuptials, which have been rumored for months, but only confirmed today, Williams asks the Prince, “Do you have words of advice for your son William…?” Charles responds in part, “Well, don’t take the advice of the media is my advice.”

“Nightline,” which usually runs three pieces each night, will devote the show to a special called “A Very British Wedding.” In an announcement this morning, ABC says “‘Nightline’ will report on the Royal engagement, the soon-to-be Princess, Kate Middleton, and will take an inside look at the Royal family.” Terry Moran, who will anchor tonight’s special, Tweeted a link to the sermon from Charles & Diana’s 1981 wedding. “In retrospect, so sad,” Moran wrote.

NBC is rushing a “Dateline” special to air tomorrow night at 8pm, which will replace “Undercovers.” According to NBC, the special will “look at how the couple met, what drew them to each other and what their modern day marriage will mean for the British Monarchy.”