Hemmer Time On FNC: More Quotes

By Brian 

> Newark Star-Ledger: “Hemmer says he sees himself mainly as an expert witness and explainer. ‘You have an opportunity to see things with your own eyes and process them with your own brain, then relate that experience to the viewers,’ he said. ‘You have to have credibility to bring these events into people’s lives.'”

> Columbus Dispatch: “Does the move to the Fox News Channel mean he intends to transform himself from reporter to commentator? ‘Bill Hemmer O’Reilly?” he said, laughing. ‘No. I have a 10-year track record out there that helps answer that question. I’m a news addict. I pity those in this industry who are not.'”

> Cincinnati Enquirer: He is on the air for an hour, and “the rest of the day I prepare for the show, set up interviews for the next day, and examine the show and figure out how to do it better. One thing Fox News does is come up with innovations that others will emulate. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts the program will be radically different six months from now.”