Health Care Reform: Final Vote Coverage

By Chris Ariens 

As we await a final vote in the house on health care reform, perhaps in the 10pmET hour, the newschannels are going extra hours. Fox News brought in their weekday daytime and primetime talent including Bill O’Reilly and Sean Hannity. On CNN, the network-declared Best Political Team on Television is in for non-stop coverage and on MSNBC David Shuster and Ed Schultz are anchoring coverage. In between the talking heads, the networks are carrying some of the house debate leading up to the final vote.

CNBC and Fox Business are providing live coverage as well. CNBC produced a two-hour special at 9pmET while FBN has been live since about 1:30pmET. Neil Cavuto is the lead anchor from Washington.

• CNN analyst @RolandSMartin hasn’t been brought into the conversation in a while, so he’s Tweeting about ordering a pizza:

Gonna be here a bit longer. I just ordered a pizza for and me and cameraman, Bruce. Thin crust. Giordano’s. Wish it was Pizza Hut.

> 10:45pmET: 216 votes reached to pass health care reform. Final vote is 219 for – 212 against.

> 10:50pmET: ABC’s Diane Sawyer anchors a special report, putting on pause “Jamie Oliver’s Food Revolution” in the Eastern and Central time zones.