“He Reports; We Deride”

By Brian 

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…That’s the title on this part of Brian Lowry‘s column in Variety:

  Sean Hannity has been on a crusade he calls the ‘Stop Hillary Express,’ warning his conservative radio audience that without their vigilance, Sen. Hillary Rodham can indeed be elected president. More people would recognize this, Hannity lamented recently to his listeners, were the public not preoccupied with trifles like Anna Nicole Smith and Britney Spears, leaving it to committed patriots like him to educate them.

So what did Hannity lead with that night on ‘Hannity & Colmes,’ his Fox News Channel program? None other than the still-dead Anna Nicole.

Hannity’s listeners are fond of saluting him as a ‘great American,’ which fans and foes can surely debate. In terms of the hypocrisy that permeates the airwaves, though, he’s a very, very typical one.”