Hats, Titles, Tiaras and Two Kisses: Coverage of the Coverage of the Royal Wedding

By Chris Ariens 

Some of the coverage of the coverage of this morning’s Royal Wedding. We’ll add more stories as they come in.

  • Associated Press, David Bauder: [Katie] Couric wore a striking pink jacket for what is likely her last major news event at CBS (she’s stepping down as anchor in the coming weeks). She looked comfortable in a setting that reflected her time on morning television at the “Today” show and allowed her to flash some irreverence.
  • Daily News, Richard Huff: The coverage rivaled the best of Super Bowl Sunday, when networks fill hours with fluff leading up to the game itself. Here, the game was the wedding, and this cute young couple was the Super Bowl.
  • TIME, James Poniewozik: On American TV news, for six-odd hours straight, it was a very British morning and a very happy one. Call that a case of unbalanced priorities or a well-deserved momentary escape from our troubles; but from the standpoint of the actual headlines of destruction at home (not to mention plenty of places abroad), that was a fairytale indeed.
  • The New York Times, Alessandra Stanley: ABC’s coverage evoked other royal memories as well. The network put Diane Sawyer and Barbara Walters side by side in what looked like an anchor-booth version of the old Princess Diana and Camilla Parker-Bowles standoff. The two ABC stars co-anchored the event with the flinty smiles and clashing sensibilities of two women sharing the same man, or in this case rival super anchors sharing the same stage at what is sure to be one of the most highly rated ceremonies in television histor

Howard Kurtz will have more on the Royal Wedding coverage Sunday morning on CNN’s “Reliable Sources.”