Has MSNBC Found Its New Late Night Show?

By Chris Ariens 


Hours after New Hampshire had been called for Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Bernie Sanders, MSNBC convened many of the NBC News campaign correspondents to talk about state of the race. It just turned to out that all six reporters are women.

“This is what the Boys on the Bus looks like this year,” said Rachel Maddow, referring to the 1973 book on the coverage of he 1972 election. “Thanks for asking a man to attend,” added Brian Williams who, along with Maddow, anchored MSNBC’s prime time coverage, and moderated the discussion with the correspondents.

Among those taking part (l-r, above) Hallie Jackson, Chris Jansing, Kristen Welker, Katy Tur, Andrea Mitchell and Kasie Hunt. The correspondents were assembled in a circle, seated on folding chairs, with the discussion captured on a steadicam not far from the main MSNBC set in Manchester.

As all are reporters, the women of NBC News found themselves asking questions as much as they were answering them. From the rise of Bernie Sanders, to the challenges of Hillary Clinton; from the Donald Trump juggernaut to Jeb Bush‘s “anything above dead” showing in the Granite State.

“Perhaps we’ll start doing more of this,” said Williams as the half-hour conversation wrapped just before midnight. “Remember, the political season is just getting started.” For now, these six NBC Newsers are back on the campaign trail covering the candidates.