Happy 60th Birthday ‘Face the Nation’

By Chris Ariens 

FTN60Pres. Barack Obama and his predecessor President George W. Bush will be Bob Schieffer’s guests Sunday as “Face the Nation” celebrates its 60th anniversary.

The CBS News public affairs show debuted 60 years ago today, Nov. 7, 1954. It was originally broadcast Sunday afternoons at 2:30pm. The first host was Tedd Koop. The first guest was Wisconsin Sen. Joseph McCarthy, a month before McCarthy was censured by the Senate.

Schieffer has moderated the show for more than a third of its existence, since 1991. Previous hosts include Lesley Stahl (1983-1991) and Howard K. Smith (1960-1961). Yesterday NBC’s “Meet the Press,” the longest running show on television, celebrated its 67th anniversary.