Happy 5th Anniversary To Deadspin

By Marcus Vanderberg 

Five years ago today, a little blog called Deadspin got its start on the web, changing the way sports fans view their favorite athletes and media personalities.

Little did Gawker Media and Will Leitch know how successful the blog would turn out when they went live on Sept. 8, 2005.

The philosophy of the website was simple. If you see an athlete or anchor out of line, let them know:


The way this works, of course, is through tips, your tips, and we need them. Our line is always open at tips@deadspin.com. See an athlete down at the strip club, tipping poorly? Email us. See an ESPN anchor accidentally denigrate an entire ethnicity on live television? Email us. Serving as mistress for that high-profile family-values quarterback? Email us, email us, email us. We’re nothing without you.

Despite Leitch leaving in 2008 for New York magazine, Deadspin has rolled on under the leadership of A.J. Daulerio, a former senior writer for the site.

Here’s to five more years of sarcastic headlines, witty commentary and embarrassing photos.