Happening Now…Around the World

By SteveK 

FNC’s Jon Scott has stepped away from the anchor chair and into the Middle East, as he reports for the second day today from Afghanistan.

Scott blogs about the experience on Foxnews.com. He writes about the various stories he’ll be covering on his trip and the people he’s traveling with. He also talks about his oldest son, who is finishing up his “‘plebe’ year at West Point.”

Assuming he makes it through graduation, he could be leading troops somewhere in the world a scant three years from now. A couple of blinks ago I was battling with him to turn off the video game, clean up his room and finish his homework; a few more blinks in the future and he might have some young private’s life depending on his leadership. Pride, patriotism, excitement, fear — a father’s emotions are wrestling one another for dominance at 33,000 feet.

Today, Scott gave a report from Kabul during Happening Now, which he regularly anchors, as well as during other FNC programs. Trace Gallagher filled in (as did Harris Faulkner for Jane Skinner).