Hannity’s Exclusive Groom Sit-Down

By Brian 

It’s easy to criticize the melodramatic cable news coverage of the “runaway bride.” It’s easy to assert that there are more important news events happening in the world. It’s easy to wonder why and how an admittedly partisan host like Sean Hannity scored the first interview with the would-be/will-be groom John Mason. But it’s easiest to say wow, that was a great get.

Hannity’s interview, which aired on H&C last night (and is available in four parts on FoxNews.com), has been cited in hundreds of print accounts about the case.

> The Wimbish Review: “It was the news media — not a curious public that wants to know — that made this isolated case of a nervous bride who skipped town a story, not the story itself that commanded the attention that it was given.”

> “Last night three out of about five callers during the first hour of the Alan Colmes Show complained about the exessive coverage in the media in general,” the Newshounds say. “Maybe the radio audience is getting smarter.”