Hannity’s America Welcomes CNN’s Zakaria

By SteveK 

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FNC anchor Sean Hannity welcomed new CNN anchor Fareed Zakaria to the competing cable channel last night, in a pre-taped interview airing on Hannity’s America.

The Hannity’s America special was called, “The Greatest Nation on EARTH,” and served as an hour-long look at…America. Zakaria was on to discuss his recent book, “The Post-American World.”

“Do you agree with me, and I say this on radio and TV all the time, that America, our country, is the single greatest, best, freest country God ever gave man?” asked Hannity for question #1.

“I’m an immigrant, I came here by choice. I don’t mean in any way to disparage you, but you’re an American by accident,” said Zakaria. “I’m an American by choice. All I mean by that is, obviously I love this country.”

The discussion of the book, which Hannity called, “fascinating,” continued to other topics, like world economy and how to restore America’s good-standing in the world.

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