Hannity: “We Try Not To Be Predictable”

By Brian 

In a Q&A with TVGuide.com, Sean Hannity says his support for Larry King is sincere. “He’s really one of the great pioneers of talk TV and talk radio. I just kind of felt it was a little unfair that nobody seemed to go to bat for him,” Hannity said. Here’s an interesting exchange:

  TVGuide.com: But be honest with me. When your producer tells you that Larry King’s guests for the next hour are Carol Channing or Art Linkletter, don’t you say to yourself, “I think we’re going to do well tonight.”

Hannity: I think Art rates very well, so be careful. We’ve put him on. I never became myopic, and I know that in the different cable wars and radio wars, people want you to focus on one competitor. As far as I’m concerned, we’re up against the networks, the other great cable channels out there. We’re trying to draw the audience from everywhere. I don’t see just one person as a main competitor…. We’ve developed a unique and special identity. We can do politics. We can do crime. We can do the issues of the day. We try not to be predictable. I can be on the [U.S.] border one day and interviewing Howard Stern the next day, and maybe the president or vice president after that. The eminent-domain stories we’ve been doing are unique.