Hannity, Van Susteren Most-Followed Fox Newsers Among GOP Contenders

By Mark Joyella 

Hand it to Fox News host Sean Hannity, he’s the guy most potential Republican presidential candidates have in their Twitter streams. The wizards at Bloomberg Politics took a look at the GOP 2016 field–specifically, who the likely candidates follow, and found Hannity in first place, followed by 13 of 17 tracked candidates. FNC’s top dog, Bill O’Reilly, landed in a three-way tie for third place–along with Laura Ingraham and Bret Baier–each followed by 10 of 17.

FNC’s Greta Van Susteren took second place ahead of O’Reilly, followed by 11 of the 17 candidates.

While Fox News bold-faced names will come as little surprise for GOP contenders, it’s worth noting that Jeb Bush follows none of FNC’s show hosts, while Chris Christie is one of just three presumed 2016 GOP candidates who do follow The New York Times. Prepare for the flashing light at the Drudge Report on that. Drudge, by the way, is followed by 8 of the 17, putting it well ahead of the venerable Gray Lady.