Hacking Scandal: Brooks Arrested, Hinton Resigns

By Alex Weprin 

The News of the World hacking scandal continued to evolve over the weekend, with the big news this morning being the arrest of Rebekah Brooks, the former editor of the paper and CEO of News International., News Corp.’s English subsidiary. The arrest followed the shocking resignation late Friday of Les Hinton, the CEO of Dow Jones, who had worked with News Corp. CEO Rupert Murdoch for 52 years.

Elsewhere, the AP looks at how the U.S. media has covered the scandal, and notes that CNN’s Piers Morgan has been in the spotlight as well. Morgan was the editor of News in the early 90’s, before eventually competing with it as editor of the Mirror in the late 90’s and early 2000’s.

Morgan’s executive producer at CNN, Jonathan Wald, said Friday that “it hasn’t crossed our threshold yet. It hasn’t been a story that fits our show yet.” Morgan’s prime-time hour is an interview show; Wald said invitations are out to many of the people involved in the story.

Morgan said during an appearance on daytime’s “The Talk” earlier this week that he expected the topic would be addressed. But he said, “I’m not going to join the Murdoch bashing.”