Gutfeld on Red Eye: “Everything About it is Different”

By SteveK 

For those who have yet to catch FNC’s late-night entertainment/news program Red Eye, airing weeknights at 3amET, today’s feature interview with host Greg Gutfeld should be a pretty good indication of what to expect.

Gutfeld describes the show:

When people first come to Red Eye, it’s a three step process: confusion, revulsion, then love. And you see this in the letters, because the letters are basically, “What the hell is this doing on Fox,” “I hate you,” “I get it.” That’s how it works. You will get it. It’s a different way of talking; it’s a different way of presenting news. Everything about it is different.

Other topics covered include Gutfeld’s take on The Huffington Post (“I think they engage the lunatic left, and they’re going to stay with it”), the Pregnant Man controversy (“That makes me happy how idiotic people are in their own reactions”) and, for magazine industry fans, a great story about Maxim publisher Felix Dennis (“he started telling me about his crack addiction. How he’d hide in this room with hookers all day and do crack”).

Gutfeld and crew will be celebrating the show’s 300th episode tonight in New York — TVNewser will be there, and we’re bringing a stapler (why? read and find out).

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