Griffin In Gaza: “Award-Worthy Stuff”

By Brian 

An e-mailer describes “arguably the best journalism I’ve ever seen on Fox:” “Israeli soldiers literally banging and hammering down the doors of a bolted home in Gaza, live on ‘Fox and Friends.’ Jennifer Griffin and her cameraman standing by them and then they move into the home with the soldiers and begin interviewing the family live, as they tell them why they don’t want to leave. You could hear Jennifer’s voice cracking as she reported the heartache. Great, award-worthy stuff.”

“Then E.D. Hill had to ruin the coverage by asking stupid questions, like ‘Gee, that guy sounds so well-spoken, where is he from?’ as if to suggest the natives who speak English are not well-spoken.”

> Update: 11:30am: has posted a couple of lengthy video clips from this coverage,” an e-mailer says. “It IS pretty gripping.” Clip one and two. Thanks Johnny Dollar…