Greta Van Susteren Weighs In On CNN’s New 8 p.m. Show

By Alex Weprin 

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Fox News anchor Greta van Susteren weighed in with her take on CNN’s new 8 p.m. program on GretaWire.

Writes Van Susteren:

This is bad news for Keith Olbermann since if CNN is to be successful, it will have to draw viewers from Keith Olbermann’s viewers. The total number of cable news viewers seems to be a limited number so they have to grab from Olberman.

(You might ask why I don’t mention above Bill O’Reilly whose FNC’s O’Reilly Factor also airs at 8pm? That’s obvious — O’Reilly is SO FAR AHEAD OF EVERYONE IN ALL OF CABLE NEWS that NO ONE can lay a glove on him. No one even tries to compete with O’Reilly so I don’t include him in this discussion!

Greta also notes that she has known both co-hosts, Eliot Spitzer and Kathleen Parker for a long time, and used to have Spitzer on as a guest when she her her 8 p.m. program at CNN in the mid-90’s.

Or as she put it:

“Who would have guessed when Spitzer was one of our regular panelists that I would leave CNN and he would end up anchoring the time slot I once had?”