Greta Van Susteren: Todd Palin’s “Handler”?

By SteveK 

Many TV networks had celebrity guests at their White House Correspondents Association Dinner tables, but FNC’s Greta Van Susteren seems to have taken the task of making Fox guest Todd Palin feel welcome a step further.

With Gov. Sarah Palin in Alaska, Palin was flying solo. But Politico writes Palin “was being led around [Tammy Haddad’s annual] brunch by Fox’s Greta Van Susteren, who is apparently his host AND handler.”

Carol E. Lee writes she “started to chat with Alaska’s ‘first dude’ when Van Susteren intervened. The host of On The Record told us this brunch was ‘off the record.'”

As CNN’s Kate Bolduan reported from the red carpet last night, Palin and Susteren b-roll played at one point, leading anchor Don Lemon to ask about the duo. “That is a very odd date,” said Lemon. “Not sure about that journalistic…presidential candidate’s husband, vice president.”

(image via HuffPost)

> Update: Greta responds on her blog, calling the Politico reporter “print paparazzi,” before going after CNN:

Here are some of CNN’s guests: Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Val Kilmer, Kyra Sedgwick, Brad Cooper, Tyra Banks…but Fox is the one with an “odd date?” Are they kidding? The CNN anchors should do some homework before they make cracks about others…to quote CNN, “not so sure about the journalistic…” Yeah, right, CNN…keep kidding yourself. No one else is fooled.

…and here is a really fun “tongue in cheek” thought, CNN must still want me on CNN, they are still trying to get viewers with me because they are still putting me on their air and talking about me!! That is very funny. I accept the complement.