Greta Van Susteren Shares ‘Big’ Regret

By Jordan Chariton 

Greta304x200Greta Van Susteren takes readers inside her media world on GretaWire, and this morning, she shared an editorial choice she regrets.

After explaining she’s recently been researching the genocide happening in Iraq, Greta wrote about another country that experienced mass genocide in the 1990s she regrets not covering.

I started digging deeper into the genocide (estimates 500,000 to 1,000,000 slaughtered!) of Rwanda and what hit me like a ton of bricks was the date. It started in April or May of 1994 and went on for many months. So….why did I miss it? My head was buried in OJ Simpson. I was too consumed with a Hollywood murder! Of course this is not to take away from the murder victims and the importance of their lives and murders….but you get the point. I can still recite dates and times about the OJ Simpson case but, until I started my new study about the genocide in Rwanda, all I could do was tell you ‘yes, there was genocide in Rwanda.’ That’s all. That’s pitiful. I certainly was not alone. Almost the entire US media was 24/7 OJ Simpson (from June 12, 1994 until October 1995.) So…that’s why you probably don’t know much about it since all we talked about in the media and showed you was a trial in California. Sometimes I think we in the media have our heads on wrong. I am not saying the Simpson coverage was wrong but I am saying I could have done a lot better.