Greta Van Susteren Receives ‘Tempting Offer’

By Chris Ariens 

Greta Van Susteren is hinting on Twitter that she may be making a return to TV.

Van Susteren exercised a clause in her Fox News contract back in September, departing the network after 14 years. Since leaving the daily TV grind she has made trips to Cambodia, to help dig an irrigation trench, and Liberia, where she’s arranged to bring a young child to the U.S. for medical care, and to Haiti where she and her husband, John Coale, created the Greta Home and Academy. But lately she’s been engaging with fans on Twitter about her future on TV. And this morning revealed she has received what she calls “a tempting offer.”

Van Susteren says she’ll make her decision “in the next week (after the holidays).”

“I have signed no contract but if I do, I will move fast and get busy on TV,” she writes. “I am not one to sit around.”

Speculation is that the offer is from MSNBC. The network is not commenting on any negotiations.