Greta Van Susteren: ‘News Orgs and Hosts Need to Stop Talking About Competitors as Each News Org Has So Many Skeletons In Their Closets’

By A.J. Katz 

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Two high-profile TV newsers feuded publicly on Twitter this morning concerning whether hosts should be critical of how other networks cover the news.

Greta Van Susteren tweeted out a Mediaite story about Joe Scarborough attacking Fox News’ opinion programming today on Morning Joe. Scarborough said the shows are “making things up from whole cloth.”

Van Susteren   who currently hosts a syndicated Sunday public affairs program on Gray TV, and previously hosted shows on all three major cable news networks– responded to the story by saying, “News orgs and hosts need to stop talking about competitors as each news org has so many skeletons in their closets…They should focus on their own jobs and stop watching each other.”

Morning Joe co-host Mika Brzezinski saw Van Susteren’s remark, and fired back to what she deemed a ““disturbing tweet,” and told Van Susteren “please stop watching us.”

Van Susteren responded, saying that cable newsers shouldn’t watch their competitors, and instead focus more on holding politicians accountable.

Brzezinski wasn’t finished, and again responded to her former MSNBC colleague.


Van Susteren, for years an active Twitter user, spent a chunk of the 7 a.m. ET hour responding to critics and defending her statements.

Brezinski and Van Susteren shared an employer for six months in 2017, though the latter was Washington-based while the former was (and still is) New York-based. Their contact was likely limited during that time.

Van Susteren’s MSNBC show For the Record with Greta launched on Jan. 9, 2017 and aired in the network’s 6 p.m. timeslot. The program lasted just six months, and Van Susteren left MSNBC in June 2017,

In addition to her gig at Gray, Van Susteren also hosts Plugged in with Greta Van Susteren on Voice of America, a news service which broadcasts exclusively outside the U.S.