Greta to Rachel: ‘I Want to Do a Good Job for MSNBC, I Want to Do a Good Job for the Viewers’

By Chris Ariens 

After 10 years at CNN and 14 years at Fox News, Greta Van Susteren turned up on MSNBC last night, with Rachel Maddow, to talk about her new show debuting Monday called For the Record.

“I think that the MSNBC audience is going to like me. I hope the Fox audience comes over here,” Van Susteren told Maddow, “I want to do a good job for MSNBC. I want to do a good job so you’re proud of me, my colleagues are proud of me and most of all I want to do a good job for the viewers.”

It’s one thing if viewers follow, it’s another if Greta’s Fox News guests also appear on MSNBC. “Do you think those republican connections that you made, the republican guests you’ve been able to book, up to and including the President-elect, do you think they will still want to talk to you over here?” Maddow asked.

“I certainly hope so. I think they’re going to come over here. I’m going to give them a fair shake, I’ll give republicans a fair shake, I’ll give democrats a fair shake.”