Greta Thinks She Knows why Her Plastic Surgery Was Such a Big Deal

By Chris Ariens 

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Greta Van Sustern (left) during her time with CNN and (right) since joining Fox News.

Eight years ago Greta Van Susteren joined Fox News Channel making the leap from CNN. And tonight on her blog, she writes about what happened in between jobs — a much talked-about plastic surgery procedure.

I unexpectedly had a month between jobs and so I had plastic surgery on the area around my eyes (that is not strange – thousands and thousands have it done every year.) I suddenly had a month to kill – so I just decided to do it because I had a doctor who could do it. I made no secret of it.

Still, the surgery became a hot topic in the pre-blogosphere, whatever existed then (,, DrudgeReport). And Greta has an idea of why:

My theory is this: in the 4 months leading up to January, the media had been consumed with the most devastating, frightening and tragic news – 9/11, anthrax and war – that my insignificant plastic surgery was a nice news oasis for everyone…a topic where no one died and it exposed the secret: yes, lots in the media have plastic surgery.