Greta Crushes Cooper Every Single Night

By Brian 

Amid all the hype about Anderson Cooper‘s new primetime position, an inconvenient fact has been practically forgotten. CNN’s 10pm time slot places a distant second place to Fox News host Greta Van Susteren.

“It’s kind of like covering the World Series, and only covering the losing team,” an insider remarked this week.

On Tuesday, On the Record topped 360 by over 1,100,000 viewers. On Wednesday, Greta’s 1.8 tripled Anderson’s 0.6.

Week-to-date from 10 to 11pm, FNC has averaged 1,743,000 viewers, while CNN has averaged 725,000 and MSNBC has averaged 393,000. In the demo, it’s 450,000 vs. 245,000 and 157,000, respectively.