Greta: Administration Still ‘Trying To Punish’ Fox News

By Alex Weprin 

Early this month, we noted that Fox News anchor Greta Van Susteren took to her blog GretaWire to argue that the Obama Administration was leaving Fox News out of the loop because of its reporting into what happened in Benghazi, Libya.

Today, she once again took to GretaWire, where she says that the administration is “trying to punish Fox” for its reporting. She mentions the State Department conference call and the CIA briefing that FNC was excluded from, and adds another one to the list. The Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, said that he was not aware about who took some terms out of talking points given to UN ambassador Susan Rice:

It turns out that is not true and the DNI released a memo to the media last night indicating that DNI Director James Clapper was wrong last week when he said that (incidentally two plus months after the murders.) The DNI / Intelligence removed Al Qaeda from the talking points memo given to Ambassador Susan Rice. But that’s not all – it isn’t just the “who is on first” at the DNI, it is also what the DNI did to Fox last night. The DNI LEFT FOX NEWS CHANNEL OFF ITS DISTRIBUTION LIST last night when it released this new memo to the media.

Greta adds:

They are trying to punish us into going away — hoping we get their message that we will never have access to them as long as we dare to challenge what they put out. And guess what? What they have put out and what we have challenged shows they are cagey and not giving the straight story.