Gregg Jarrett Works His Way Back at Fox News

By Chris Ariens 

gregg jarrettGregg Jarrett penned a piece this week on the issue of sexual assault on America’s college campuses. Jarrett, a weekend anchor of Fox News Channel, has been off the air since the spring when he checked himself into alcohol rehab. Jarrett ended up extending his stay after an incident at the Minneapolis airport which resulted in his arrest. Jarrett, who just dropped his daughter off at college, writes:

I’m a newsman. I know what happens. I report the stories all too often. Yes, college campuses are generally secure. But they are not impervious to the hidden danger of rape and other sexual crimes. It happens at an alarming rate.

An FNC spokesperson confirmed with TVNewser that Jarrett recently started writing for and said his return to air is “to be determined at this time.”