Great Teams Beget Great Ratings

By Noah Davis 

The New England Patriots are the consensus best team in football, and the local ratings are proving the point. The team’s Sunday tilt with Brett Favre and the Minnesota Vikings scored a 36.13 HH and a 64 share in the Boston market. It was the highest local TV ratings since 2007.

That’s a far cry from the lowly Dallas Cowboys, who sit idly by while their ratings plummet in the Dallas-Ft. Worth area. Locals don’t want to watch the team because, well, they are terrible.

New England, however, is rallying around their 6-1 squad. Of course, it’s not just about the Patriots.The opponent matters as well, especially on a national level.


The Fox National time slot, which featured the Vikings-Patriots game, had a 15.2 household rating and 25.2 million viewers nationally. The game was the highest-rated and most-watched program of the week. It drew more viewers than any other Week 8 NFL game and any of the five World Series games.

And that Cowboys game that no one watched in Dallas? It was only the fourth most watched cable program ever.