“Great Leaps Forward” For Woodruff

By Brian 

The World Newser has posted a transcript of Elizabeth Vargas‘ update to viewers about Bob Woodruff‘s progress. Here’s what she said on Tuesday’s WNT:

 VARGAS: Five long weeks have passed since he and cameraman Doug Vogt were injured in Iraq. Today we learned Bob is talking and starting to walk again. He’s a bit groggy as a result of painkillers but his brother Dave describes the progress as ‘great leaps forward.’

DAVID WOODRUFF: His recovery is going along great. He’s at a place now that we were hoping and praying for these last few weeks. But he’s got a long way to go but knowing this guy he’s going to march right down that road and do a great job.

VARGAS: Doctors are very encouraged that Bob still has his multilingual skills — he said a few words in Chinese and German. We were especially heartened to hear his personality and sense of humor are as strong as ever.

WOODRUFF: Just this morning after I had left Good Morning America, I got a phone call from his wife and she put him on the phone. He and Lee had watched the show together and he was commenting on how I did and frankly a lot of grief about how I did.

VARGAS: Doug has returned to his home in France, where his family is helping him through the final stages of his rehabilitation. Bob’s family hopes he will soon be moving to a facility in the New York area to continue his rehabilitation… and be closer to home.