Gracie Goes CBS’ Way as Well

By SteveK 

CBS News has been honored with six Gracie Awards wins, spread across many of its platforms. The awards are given by the American Women in Radio and Television and will be presented at the Gracie Gala on May 28 in New York City.

The Early Show won for Outstanding Interview Program for its “Maid School” report as well as Outstanding Series for “Sarah’s Brain.” 60 Minutes was honored with Outstanding Investigative Report, for the report by Katie Couric titled, “What Killed Rebecca Riley.” Lara Logan won for Outstanding Feature-Hard News for her report “Orphans Rescued” on the Evening News.

Nancy Giles was honored with the Individual Achievement Award for an Outstanding Reporter, as a contributor for CBS News Sunday Morning. And CBS News Radio’s “The World According to Giles and Moriarty” won for Outstanding Interview Program.

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