Grace On Trial: Lawsuit Provokes Questions About “Post-Modern Witch Hunts”

By Brian 

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“Regardless the merit of the facts underlying the Melinda Duckett/Nancy Grace lawsuit, I think there’s an important lesson to be learned here — perhaps multiple lessons,” an e-mailer says.

“First, I think these Nancy Grace types need to seriously question the likely and forseeable consequences of their behavior, their on-air ripping of people in extreme situations whose media savvy couldn’t begin to compare with that of the given interviewer. Further, if bookers are using false pretenses to get guests on these shows, then they absolutely should face some sort of consequence for this.

More than that, I think we as a society need to ask ourselves some serious questions about who we are and who we want to be when thousands of us are flocking to our TV sets to watch and, in some passive sense anyhow, participate in these post-modern witch hunts. In many cases, they’re little more than despicable exercises in exploiting people for ratings and ultimately money.

Regardless, the tragedy of Ms. Duckett should open up a serious and frank dialogue about these types of programs and the methods used in getting them to air and while on air.

Anyone care to respond?…