Grace On Trial: “Conning Guests” Is A Travesty “But It’s The Way This Business Works”

By Brian 

This morning on Fox & Friends, CNN co-founder Reese Schonfeld said Nancy Grace wouldn’t be on the air if he was still at the network. An excerpt:

  DOOCY: Did Nancy go too far?

SCHONFELD: By my standards yes, she went too far, sure. Conning guests, which is what we’re talking about, is all too common in this business. I have known hundreds of bookers and they will all kiss up to the guests —

DOOCY: How do they do it?

Oh, we’d like you to come on today. You’ve got a wonderful story. This is a chance to tell everybody about it. And we are going to give you the opportunity to make your views known to the whole country. And then all of a sudden they get on the air and the guy is saying ‘didn’t you rape your mother when you were two years old?’ It’s a travesty but it’s the way this business works.

But Schonfeld doesn’t think Duckett’s estate can allege that a crime occured. “It would be an awful precedent for journalists if suddenly, because you wrote something or said something, and the person committed suicide, you would be guilty and would have to pay damages,” he said…