Grace Leaves Court TV: Notes & Quotes

By Brian 

Following up on Nancy Grace‘s announced departure from Court TV: she’ll be on the air through the summer, with an exact end date to be determined. Here’s how other sources are covering the news:

> Broadcasting & Cable: “Sources say she has wanted to leave the network for a long time and asked to be let out of her contract. No word on what show will replace her show…”

> Atlanta Journal-Constitution: “Court TV had already announced that Closing Arguments, which currently airs from 3-5 p.m. weekdays, would shrink to an hour to accomodate” Star Jones‘ new 4pm show. “Uncharitable types (i.e. not Nancy Grace) might think that had something to do with her decision to leave…”

> The Hollywood Reporter: “She’s the second high-profile Court TV talent to leave the network in recent weeks. Catherine Crier‘s contract wasn’t renewed.”