Goodbye, DaySide

By Brian 

Fox News aired its final edition of DaySide this afternoon. Mike Jerrick and Juliet Huddy said goodbye to the Fox News Channel and encouraged viewers to watch their upcoming Fox broadcast show.

“We’re really excited about this and we want to keep some of the details a secret, but it will be shades of this show, but with many many different twists,” Huddy said.

“You gotta open up your TV Guides and look for the Fox station in your hometown,” Jerrick said. “We’ll be on there in January.”

Huddy added: “We will also be traveling around and hitting all the big cities, and the little ones too. So keep an eye out for us.”

Jerrick and Huddy also brought the show’s producers on the set to say thanks. “Thank you for going from serious to silly in seconds,” Jerrick said.

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