Goldston Gets “Tentative Green Light” For His New Nightline Vision

By Brian 

New Nightline executive producer James Goldston “made a presentation last week to Anne Sweeney, president of Disney-ABC television, and ABC News President David Westin, among others, and got a tentative green light to pursue his vision of the show,” Howard Kurtz writes on C1.

It’s not entirely clear what that vision is. “I’m absolutely committed to ‘Nightline’ remaining a serious, substantive show,” he says. “…Of course, we wish it to be an entertaining show, but the journalism comes first always.”

That journalism may not come from the show’s veterans, though. Correspondent Dave Marash says he has been “disinvited to join the new ‘Nightline,'” and other vets, like Chris Bury and John Donvan, have been left in limbo.

Meanwhile, Goldston is “seeking funding to hire more staff” in New York. More…