GMA Without Gibson: “You Were Our Rock, Our Guide, Our Reason…”

By Brian is featuring poems, memories, and well wishes for Charles Gibson. Here’s a poem sent in by Eleanor in Tucson, Ariz.:

 Charlie, you’re the natural choice,

To be “World News Tonight’s” voice,

But GMA can never replace,

A man of your enormous grace.

We’ll miss your wit, your charm, your style,

The void you leave will be a trial.

You were our rock, our guide, our reason,

Through joy and turmoil in every season.

My son was born as you began;

Three dogs have died, the husband ran :-).

But always Charlie, there on my screen,

To inform and delight, a housewife’s dream.

Now rest assured, your fans will follow;

But in the a.m. there’ll be a hollow,

Where once you joked and teased your co-hosts,

And rocked the new grandchild you love most.

From north to south, east to west,

Charlie, you are: ‘Simply the Best!'”