GMA Weekend Launching Blog Tomorrow

By Brian 

First on TVNewser: ABC is launching “Backpages,” a blog for Good Morning America, on Friday.

Here’s how GMA weekenders Bradley Lautenbach and Austin Vance, “the blog people” in charge of the site, describe the new venture:

“No one likes to wait five days for the weekend to start, so we’ve created a way for you to be with us all week long! You’ll hear from our anchors and producers about what we’re working on, the news that’s breaking, where we’re traveling, and of course a little behind the scenes action as well.”

Each week, GMA Weekend’s four hosts will weigh in. Kate Snow‘s subject is “Around the World in 80 Seconds With Kate Snow,” Bill Weir‘s posts are headlined “Details Are Sketchy,” expectant mother Marysol Castro‘s entries are called “The 4th Trimester,” and Ron Claiborne‘s dispatches are titled “Traveling Man.”

“Backpages” will be the first real morning show blog. (The Today Show used to have one, but it died a quiet death last year.) The blog will go live Friday on…