Glick: “These Economic Times Have Forced Everbody in the Media Industry to Widen Their Tool Belt”

By SteveK 

Alexis Glick is featured today in a “So What Do You Do?” Q&A. The FBN anchor will conduct a keynote at the TVNewser Summit (March 10 in New York) on the business of television news. Her advice in these tough times for people losing jobs in the media: “You cannot and you will not succeed in this kind of environment unless you can talk about a range of issues. These economic times have forced everybody in the media industry just as much as probably any other industry to widen their tool belt.”

I talked to Glick about why she came to FOX, how she dealt with rumors surrounding her exit at NBC (using Al Roker’s advice), why the internet is “crucial” to the success of FBN and more.

She also talked about one of the FBN strategies to attract new viewers.


There are over 90 million people watching television in this country who have cable. We need to figure out how we’re going to get some ESPN viewers, viewers of CNBC, some viewers of news, viewers who are watching soap operas. We bundle all of those things together.

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