Glick Predicts NBC Will Be Sold In 2009

By SteveK 

FBN’s Alexis Glick is profiled by delight! Magazine. She describes her love of sports, gives the things to watch for economically and tells who her “current role model” is (her husband).

But she also makes some prediction for 2009. And one relates to her former employer, NBC:

NBC will get sold to Google in 2009. In a deteriorating credit environment, a collapse in equity valuations, a need to cut costs, shed assets, and address the bleeding at GE Capital, Jeff Immelt will sell NBC to Google. Immelt will be forced to sell the one asset he has said that he had no plans of selling when NBC’s Network Television ratings continue to slide and declining advertising dollars leave little room for growth.

On her blog, Glick makes a few more predictions for 2009.