Glenn Beck Gets Choked Up Talking About Common Sense and Breaking Curfews

By Chris Ariens 

In a segment that began with a montage of old videos, including the Mean Joe Green Coke commercial, set to the old Paul Anka song “Times of your Life,” Glenn Beck equated teenagers staying out past curfew, with what’s happening in the U.S. today…. or something like that. And he got choked up several times.

Beck began, “America has never been a perfect place but we used to be united….”

“…Only common sense and hard work and only the honest truth or better yet the hard reality…

“You know……

“America, we’ve been at a party that we weren’t supposed to be at…”

“…the party is over, we have to start making the right choices, and if we’re lucky our children will remember.”

Video after the jump…