Glenn Beck Asks Don Lemon: ‘Are You Attracted to Me? Are You Hitting On Me?’

By Mark Joyella 

Say what you will about CNN’s Don Lemon, his live conversation with Glenn Beck on Wednesday’s CNN Tonight was fascinating television.

In a wide-ranging interview that touched on racism, the N-word, marriage equality and homophobia, Lemon and Beck bantered in a way that suggested a real respect–the result being a conversation that was quite easy to watch. “There are times you surprise me, and that says to me you are not an ideologue,” Beck told Lemon.

Earlier in the week, Lemon appeared on Beck’s The Blaze. At the time, Beck explained the interview, saying “I bet that we would end up liking each other to this degree — he’s unpredictable.” Beck said of Lemon, “he seems to be an honest broker. And I’d like to see if he’d be willing to have a conversation with me. Because he’s the kind of guy that you can make progress with.”

On CNN, Lemon asked Beck if he was homophobic. Beck responded, “are you attracted to me? Are you hitting on me?” The segment ended with Lemon noting that the conversation was “not over.” New segment, perhaps?