Gibson: “We Simply Agreed To Disagree”

By Brian 

NY Post: “Industry sources say ABC News chief David Westin actually wanted a three-anchor format ([Charlie] Gibson, [Elizabeth] Vargas and [Bob] Woodruff), but that Gibson wanted a three-year deal while Westin was only offering a two-year deal.”

But the NY Times suggests that Gibson would have been the sole anchor for two years: “Gibson had wanted to serve as anchor through the 2008 presidential election; Mr. Westin was offering a tenure short of that — two years — with Ms. Vargas and Mr. Woodruff to take over at that point.”

“They ended because we couldn’t agree on timing and tenure,” Gibson told the Times. “Last week, we simply agreed to disagree.”

> Update: 10:22am: “I’m very OK. I really and truly am,” Gibson tells Gail Shister…