Gibson: Lowest Paid, Highest Rated

By Brian 

Quoting Gail Shister‘s Sunday profile of Charles Gibson, “anchor at last:”

  When Gibson ascended from morning anchor to the face of ABC News, he didn’t get a raise in his contract, which runs until early 2009. He didn’t request one and one wasn’t offered, he says.

“The money thing is just irrelevant,” he insists.

Maybe, but Gibson is lowest paid of the Big 3 anchors. Couric makes an estimated $15 million a year; Williams more than $10 million. Gibson’s salary is estimated at $8 million.

> Also: “He doesn’t carry a BlackBerry – ABC gave him one, but he couldn’t figure out how to use it. He was ordered to carry a cell phone, but he still hasn’t mastered the ringer. He’s never flown in the Disney jet.”